Sunday, February 20, 2005

The latest on Crossref and Google Scholar

From CrossRef (found via NHS eLibraries)

"On January 27th, representatives from the CrossRef board and staff - Tony Durniak (IEEE), Gordon Tibbitts (Blackwell), Craig Van Dyck (Wiley), Ed Pentz and Chuck Koscher (CrossRef) - had a very productive meeting at Google regarding Google Scholar, CrossRef Search and establishing a more formal business relationship between CrossRef and Google. Google agreed with the principle that if there are multiple versions of an article shown in the Google Scholar search results, the first link will be to the publisher's authoritative copy. Google would like to use the DOI as the primary means to link to an article so CrossRef and Google will be working on this as well as a template for common terms and conditions for use of publishers full text content.
The CrossRef Search Committee feels that CrossRef Search still provides a valuable service as a search focused on authoritative, peer-reviewed literature from a known set of sources. Google Scholar is a very broad search of all the web and includes any material that "looks scholarly" and the material comes from an unknown set of sources. Therefore, the schedule is for results from CrossRef Search to be delivered from Google Scholar starting in April (the results now come from the regular Google index)."

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