Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bill Gates: Search Engines Need to be improved


Two weeks ago while my kids were enjoying thai food in East Village I was watching someone searching for images in Google. She spent probably more than 10 minutes to save just 2 images and from the expression on her face, I can see that she was not very pleased from her experience. (who knows may be there was a chop-stick factor in her unsuccesfull attempts)Google can use some ideas from Flamenco prototype. This SWOT "search waste of time" reminds me what Bill Gates said in a recent presentation

"People are very impressed at what search is today but it's really quite poor compared to what it should be,"
noting that technology needs to allow users to better navigate and find information more easily.(via

I take this as an endorsement of what Ei is doing in Engineering Village 2 with the faceted searching and faceted browsing implementation which will be released July 18th: use the technology to provide better tools to end user to navigate, find and analyse the information.

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