Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Go with Yahoo

via Managing Technology at Whorton

"Yahoo defines itself as "a leading global Internet communications, commerce and media company" and, in doing so, has managed to stay somewhat out of the fray as giants like Google and Microsoft battle each other over everything from search dominance to providing a platform for next-generation web development. In fact, Yahoo's position as primarily a media company is likely to keep it quietly at the forefront of the next generation of world wide web players, say experts at Wharton."

"This means that traditional media companies will see Yahoo as both a partner and competitor as it increasingly creates its own content and integrates media with information created by its users. Already the lines are blurring. On Yahoo's earnings conference call, Semel noted that the company is "still at the beginning of significant long-term opportunities" and highlighted the media group, which is "expanding its content initiatives and its integration with community features."

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