Thursday, December 01, 2005

Engineering Village Does Patent Analysis

I showed our new Ei Patents implementation to Marydee Ojala who is the editor of ONLINE today at London On Line, and here is her comments

"Engineering Village is not something I use on a regular basis, so I was delighted to be introduced to a feature I was unaware of -- the ability to do some pretty exotic analysis of the patent literature. Take a company that is secretive about its patent portfolio. Search the company as an assignee. At the right of your screen are various screens that let you drill down into available patents, one of which is the most prolific inventors from that company. Now you take those persons and search whatever patents they have irrerespective of assignee. This can give a fuller picture of the company's future product plans, based on patents of its employees. Or you can drill down via patent classification codes to see areas of interest. You can extend the search by searching Compendex, Inspec, and NTIS in addition to the patents.

Here's what I really like -- RSS feeds. Somebody cites a patent in their patent and you get notification by RSS feed. That's not all. If you've got a blog and you want to talk about the implications of this patent activity, there's a button to take you immediately to your blog. This is so cool." via Infotoday
While chatting with her she mentioned that she was at LexisNexis booth and was surpised that there was not an RSS feature in the new LN product. I can't understand either what the online database publishers are waiting for? I would suggest to everyone "just do it", your customers would appreciate it.


Christina said...

It's just really hard to believe that EI and LN are part of the same company. LN academic universe doesn't let you download citations, directly link to articles, no feeds, no alerts.... it's still hard to cross search (it was impossible)... what are they *doing* over there? Would it be possible to add our L-N content to Engineering Village? :)

Rafael said...

I agree with you that some of these functionalities should be standards in our platforms that are serving similar user needs. If you let me know the products that you are using from LN, I will let my colleagues know about these issues. If the content is related to engineering research and if the integration in EV2 will help to our users to "get the job done", we can always consider it.