Friday, December 23, 2005

Google Medicine

In an editorial at BMJ, Dean Giustini proposes Google Medicine.

Dean, should share his idea with Marisa Mayer who posted the following (sounds a bit markety) in Google's official blog in reference to AOL deal.

"Our service and our business works because of you - our users. You're important to us and something that we think about all the time -- as we build new products, negotiate deals, and think about what our future holds.
We're looking forward to what AOL can help us do for you, and believe that our new agreement with them will only create a better experience for you in 2006 and beyond -- one where you can continue to trust that we're giving you a result because it's the best one we can possibly provide."

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Anonymous said...

Dear Rafael,

Since the "Google Medicine" editorial I wrote in the BMJ, I have had a number of requests to explain why this would be a useful move for Google. Here are some further thoughts on the matter in Wikipedia: