Friday, December 30, 2005

Most of the Fortune 500 is not Blogging

Chris Anderson and Ross Mayfield list which Fortune 500 companies have business blogs. Their definition of business blog is "Active public blogs by company employees about the company and/or its products." They found that only 3% is blogging. 97% is missing a huge opportunity in connecting to their customers. As far as I know at Reed-Elsevier we are not "blogging" either and I strongly hope that in 2006 all our business units start blogging and implementing RSS in all the web products.


Christina said...

I know he's gone now, but wasn't Chris Leonard's blog an official Elsevier blog? (

Rafael said...

to be frank I need to check this for Chris' blog was not an official blog per se but it was using elsevier resources, so it makes a bit strange

Rafael said...

Christina, Chris' blog was not an official Elsevier blog.