Sunday, January 29, 2006


Scoble mentions about a new search engine Kosmix in health market. Kosmix uses nicely the clustering in the search results and present the information better than the Healthine for discovery purposes, but still we - all the information providers -are not where we are supposed to be: provide intelligent answers to searchers.

When I do a search for "turkey cancer" should I be getting a result for "Homemade Turkey Soup - Weight Management and Metabolic Disorders including… in the treatment clusters. I would let the doctors decide if this is a valid search results....

Added later: when you search for "cancer turkey" the first result is "Cancer Sucks Clothing! In this case I don't need any MD assistance to see that this can't be the most relevant record...

Like Healthline, Kosmix hasn't implemented RSS feeds for search queries yet. Probably this must be in the queue in their development.

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