Wednesday, January 11, 2006

STM Publishers and Blogs

I am kind of surprised that we haven't seen any major STM (Elsevier, Thomson, Wiley, Springer, IEEE etc) publishing companies' senior execs embracing blogging and officially blogging. Here is what David Weinberger said in "Talking from the inside out: The rise of Employee Bloggers" (pdf) a white paper by Edelman and Intelliseek

"Many corporations are afraid of Weblogs because they are afraid of the sound of the human voice. But that voice-the unfiltered sound of an actual person writing about what she cares about, sounding like herself-is actually the most important way of connecting with customers and partners"
If you see one STM publishing exec official blog, let me know.

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Dorothea said...

They're afraid of the Radical Militant Librarians!