Thursday, February 16, 2006

Faceted Search and Humanizing Search

Interesting way presenting the value of faceted search

"Siderean's navigation solutions are 'humanizing' enterprise search by allowing users to find information in a more intuitive way that emulates the way we think rather than forcing us to follow the processes defined by today's search tools," said Anderson. "Navigation takes search to a new level by providing information in a more natural, organized manner. It also leverages the latest technology advancements like facets, tagging and visualization to allow users to quickly go from a bird's eye view of the entire scope of data related to the question they are trying to answer before they drill down, to a bug's eye view of the exact information they need to make mission critical decisions. By combining our game changing navigation capabilities with search, Siderean is poised to fundamentally transform the enterprise search market." via HighBeam

I never thought that we were humanizing search using faceted searching, but hey if users find this way of searching more humanly that's fine with me.

Couple years ago I was talking with Keith Instone and getting his input in our implementation and he said something like "faceted search brings fun to the search process". He is absolutely right, besides all the value that one gets from the facets, it's really fun using the facets and dynamically changing search queries.

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