Tuesday, February 21, 2006

GM's Vice Chairman's call for input from customers

"But the deeper issue is this question of our image, and this perception that nobody’s interested in our products. We can and will do a better job of advertising and communications in the traditional sense, but we need to step up our non-traditional communications and word of mouth, and get our message directly to the people on a grass roots level. This blog is one example [the bold is mine]— but we need more avenues, and bigger ideas. What do you think?" link

I haven't driven a GM in my life -I had two cars since I've been in the States one Toyota and one Golf (92) which my kids are begging to me to change it- so I can't give any input what's wrong with GM cars but what he is doing is exactly what I have been trying to tell to my colleagues: create avenues to have open and no spin communication with customers. They will tell us the good and the bad, we'll understand their needs better and build better products.....

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