Saturday, February 18, 2006

Review of Compendex on Engineering Village 2

Meghan Lafferty from University of Minnesota and Kitty Porter from Vanderbilt have a review of Compendex on Engineering Village 2 in Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship, Fall 2005

I am glad to see that they are fan of EV2 and thanks for taking their time to review our product.

Since they reviewed the product, we have revised our dedupping feature and resolved one of the complaints that we were getting from our users who have access to Compendex and Inspec which Meghan and Kitty righfully pointed as "Unfortunately there is no indication of how many records have been removed."

With the new dedupping the end users will be able to see the number of deduplicated search results, the number of duplicates which were removed by databases, and original search number.

They also point out that we need to make our Help Document (Pdf) easier for end users.

"Easy to access online, in the print version the table of contents needs to be revised to allow quick access to the section on Faceted Searching. Currently the entire document has to be scanned to find it under Refining Results."
I agree with them. I think we need to revise not just our print version but our online version too. That's something that we'll work this year.

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