Thursday, February 23, 2006

SiloBreaker Launches in the US

I had already mentioned when they launched their product in Europe, now from a press release I learned that they are starting marketing Silobreaker in the US too. link

Their business development director Mats Bjore, who was a Lieutenant Colonel with Swedish Military Intelligence states what all the online information providers should be doing to be successfull in this challenging market when we are all facing all these PhDs at Google, Yahoo and Microsoft who might be working to create innovative products like Google Scholar that will compete in our market:

"Unlike large content aggregators and Internet search engines, Silobreaker is a powerful discovery tool that turns information into intelligence by converting unmanageable noise into a source of insight, and delivering related and relevant knowledge quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively" [bolding is mine]

For now as GYM products are not providing any intelligence at their search results Silobreaker and other online information providers are filling this need for the end users.

Sikobreaker is a joint venture of Infosphere, (based in Sweden) and Elucidon (based in UK with offices in Sweden) I have worked with Elucidon in the past and it's a great team of smart and professional people.

I like the Silobreaker's pricing strategy which reminds me another Swedish company H&M which provides quality fashion at low price to the masses.
I wish them all the success in their new initiatives.

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