Saturday, March 18, 2006

Can this be the secret for Nature's product innovation

Here is Richard Charkin's comments on Connotea and their new release of Connotea feature for Eprints. Richard is the CEO of McMillan, Nature is a division of McMillan.

"Where will all this lead? Frankly, we're not sure. But the use of communal data such as shared bookmarks and tags (and the collective taxonomies, or 'folksonomies', that arise from them) is already attracting a lot of interest among clever researchers who are developing ways to manage information in this era of over-abundance. We at Nature think that collaborative services like Connotea will become an important part of the answer, and when that happens we want to have a role to play. That's how publishers can stay relevant even as the world around us passes through its most disruptive period since our industry came into being." [bolding is mine]

I think we should all learn from this. They are not sure, but they are taking risks to experiment and test.

Post Note and Clarification: The above quote is not Richard's but Timo Hannay's. Please see the comments from Timo. Thanks Timo for the comments and clarification.

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Timo Hannay said...

Many thanks, Rafael.

Just to clarify, those words are mine, not Richard's. (If you read the intro to that blog post, you'll see that I was guesting.)

That said, Nature does take a highly experimental approach to web publishing, and Richard has always been incredibly supportive. So IMHO he definitely deserves credit for the sentiment if not the precise words.