Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A cool Business Directory from Down Under

Hotfrog ( a reed elsevier business) is using clouds in their entry page.

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Phil said...

Hi Sidi
Glad you like HotFrog. Im Phil the designer/concept person for hotfrog. The clouds are doing ok. We have had no negative feedback from them (and no positive). We are getting positive feedback for being web 2.0 whatever that means =)
Most visitors are coming from search engine referals. We have done no marketing so few enter from the home page.
I see clouds being good at turning a list (we need it for seo and getting page depth lower to the home page) into something usable and funky.
Doing a google and just having a search box I feel gives no way for a user to see what kind of stuff you have on your site. I see home pages as a sampler plate of the site and for a directory a cloud seems to work well.
Cheers, Phil