Monday, March 06, 2006

Google Scholar and Google Analyst Day 2006

Here is the Google presentation (pdf) to analyst via Geeking with Greg

Among their key strategic initiatives Eric Schmidt lists "building new products and service for information publishers". I am wondering what other exciting services are in the queue for publisher like us.

Jonathan Rosenberg , svp, product management, mentions "focus on the user and the revenue will follow" as their approach to problems. I would agree with him if we focus on the user, the success will follow too.

Jonathan also shows their product framework.
I was wondering why there was no mention of Google Scholar in this framework and where would GS go? under 70% or 20% where book search is?

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rakerman said...

I would assume Google Scholar is in the 20% ring or even the 10% ring. They don't currently have any ads on GS = no revenue.