Friday, March 10, 2006

Jackie Mason, The ironies of the cartoon jihad, Free Speach and Lazio's Captain

"Nobody has ever died from a cartoon. If the worst thing the Nazis ever did had
been to draw cartoons of death camps instead of putting Jews in them, six
million Jews would be alive today. When was the last time any country
decided to kill a Muslim anywhere in the world because they felt insulted?
But the Muslims have created a new international law called the "insult
law." This means they have the right to kill you whenever they please, and
you have no right to do anything about it. If a Muslim were walking down a
street in Israel with a picture of an insulting cartoon in hand, no Israeli
would threaten his life. They would be too busy celebrating the fact that it
was a cartoon and not a bomb. " link via Dave Winer

and here is Lazio's Captain Paolo Di Canio who was punished in the past for giving a Nazi-style salute meeting with Italians Jews who survived the Nazi death camps. via BBC News

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