Monday, March 20, 2006

A new Beta from Reed Business: Zibb

Zibb "The global business search engine" is a new Beta from Reed Businees (an Elsevier parent company)

It has some interesting feature like suggestion of search terms and filtering option at the bottom of the page (I would have like them at the top)

Their product and services section are powered by KellySearch another Reed business product.

Here is more about Zibb:

"Zibb is the business to business search engine of Reed Business , the premier provider of business information to the world. It includes content from across the entire Reed Business portfolio with the addition of selected business to business websites outside of Reed Business.

The aim is to provide our users with the most comprehensive, accurate and rapid answer to the specific question that they need answered. By focusing on what we know best, and by filtering and organising a combination of web, blog, directory and reed business content, we believe that we can provide the best results for our business users."

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