Saturday, April 22, 2006

Advertising, Table of Contents and Philips Simplicity for magazine readers

As a magazine reader I want to see the TOC in one page and not spreaded to multiple pages so I like what Philips is doing with Time magazine:

"Philips Electronics, which is gaining a reputation on Madison Avenue for breaking conventions in reader- and viewer-friendly ways, is paying the Time Warner magazine unit $5 million for a novel ad play. Issues of four magazines -- Time, Fortune, People and Business 2.0 -- will feature the table of contents on the first page; a flap on the inside front cover will tell readers Philips is making that possible. The issue of Time that's involved goes on sale Monday, April 24. " from Wall Street Journal (sub)

Philips senior vice president for global marketing Geert Van Kuyck states that "You should expect that we will continue to push the envelope," in advertising.

Geert, I have an idea for Philips to push the envelope in the engineering community. If anyone from Philips is reading this post you may contact me.

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