Saturday, April 22, 2006

From "100,000,000 Million Secret" to 100,000,000 million problems for major publishers

David Weinberger could not find a publisher for his new book and now he is going to post the html version online for free, open it for discussion and he will sell the softcover through lulu by print on demand. It's good idea and I would have done the same thing too in his place. When the authors and writers start taking the matter in their hands, this would be a big challange for the publishers in the future come 2015. Reed-Elsevier Venture should be looking at lulu like companies to invest or Elsevier should just buy them just in case if the revolution that lulu suggests succeeds we'll be in the leading position:

"In much the same way, Lulu believes in putting authors and independent publishers in control of their digital content, from content creation to pricing to royalties. Lulu simply brings creative content to the world and gives our talented publishers and web visitors the venue to buy and sell independent works. Publishing through Lulu leaves control of content in the hands of the people who created it. Pretty revolutionary, really."

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