Sunday, April 09, 2006

GM, transparency, noise, S-chip and silencing mother in-laws

GM got a lot of comments lately beacuse of the Tahoe videos created by individuals for the aprentice contest but a quiter ride for its cars is in the horizon.

From Israel21:

"Thanks to the Israeli technology of Silentium, automakers such as General Motors will be able to give Americans a quieter ride.

Based in Rehovot, Silentium began working with GM two years ago with a $250,000 R&D agreement. The deal was that if Silentium could silence the air conditioners in GM's Yukon SUV, the U.S. manufacturing giant would help Silentium get its wheels wet in the American automotive industry.

It worked."

"When asked if Silentium's technology could work on silencing in-laws or noisy neighbors, Barath responds to what he said is an old joke, "If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that question," laughs Barath, "I would be a very rich man. In-laws are much more complicated than fans. I could silence my mother-in-law if she had the right spectrum in her voice. But our engineers at Silentium are not magicians. Noise needs to be predictable in order for us to cancel it. I don't believe you can predict your mother-in-law."

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