Sunday, May 21, 2006

Links from delicious for May 21

  1. Taglocity Tagging for Outlook. Another step for entreprise tagging
  2. Collaborative Tagging in Avaya

    A paper from Ajita John and Doree Seligmann from Avaya Labs Research.

  3. IBM's people-tagging experiment: Fringe

    A paper by Stephen Farrell and Tessa Lau of IBM Almaden Research Center. People Tagging can also be used for expertise location in companies

  4. Social Bookmarking For Scientists - The Best Of Both Worlds

    Ben Lund's (Nature) paper on Social Bookmarking at XTech 2006.

  5. Beyond Business Intelligence: Delivering a Comprehensive Approach to Enterprise Information Management
    Microsoft's enhanced search for knowledge network (expertise management).
  6. Google Jockeying

    This is another reminder of the challenge that we face as (fee-based) research information providers in academic and corporate settings. I would like to have a Google Jockey, Elsevier Jockey, Thomson Jockey and Microsoft Jockey in these classrooms and get the feedback from students and teachers on which content sources were most useful and the quality of the results.

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