Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Factiva Search 2.0, Engineering Village and NetVibe

Factiva released few enhancements to their Search 2.0 beta by creating a Netvibes like entry page and exporting the facets. I like the Netvibes feature and have been showing this to our customers as a good tool to create personalized information portals and to share information within departments or company. Here is my Netvibes where I incorporated a module that was created by OUseful Info Indeed Tony Hirst is running an OU Netvibes competition

We have released a beta version of our export utility for our facets to few customers and we'll launch this very soon to all EV customers where they will not only export the graphs of the facets but import the facets data into their excel.

And whiletalking about facets Flamenco Search Interface which we got our inspiration for faceted searching is now open source.

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