Monday, June 05, 2006

Google's new spreadsheet sproduct and their product launch philosphy

WSJ reports (sub) a new product launch from Google called Google Spreadsheets. There won't be any sophisticated feature initialy which goes well with what John Herlihy (European director of Google’s online sales and marketing division in Ireland) said in an interview with Silicon Republic Ireland's Technology news Service:

"We tend to put out products that aren’t finished because we believe the customer knows more than us and this informs our R&D efforts. It is arrogant of companies to delay launches of products until they believe the product is perfect."

I was checking irows site to see if they are a "part" of this new product launch but I could not reach their site.

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Tony said...

Hi! Have you seen EditGrid also?

There's a comparison between EditGrid and google spreadsheet here:

You may wish to take a look!