Saturday, July 29, 2006

Back from Israel

Every family has one or two major highlights from their vacation, ours will be tagged as war, when we had to explain our 6 and 4 years old kids, why there was a war, why we have to show our bags to security guards in front of the supermarkets, restaurants or coffee shops.....

As Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stated in his address to the knesset

"We [Israel] fight for everything that everyone in the enlightened world takes for granted and never imagined that they would have to fight for – the right to a normal life. "
This picture was taken on July 12, when we visited Peki'in a Druze village (in the Northern Israel) which was hit by Hizbullah rockets few days later.

Besides the war we all enjoyed and had a good time travelling in the Golan and Negev.

I came back last Sunday but the kids and my wife are still in Israel and they will extend their trip and return probably mid-August.

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rmcubed said...

I totally support Israeli citizens' rights to a normal life. And I'm glad that everything is OK with your family. We have friends living in Haifa with young children who have had a horrible time in the last few months.

But I would have to say also, don't Lebanese civilians have a right to a normal life? And the threat to the lives, let alone to normal living, of Lebanese civilians right now is a lot greater than that to Israeli civilians, horrible as all such threats are.

I would hope that this current situation will work out for the benefit of all, but it's dangerous when states put the welfare of their own citizens too high above the welfare of other citizens.

There may be a terrible harvest of the hate that is being sown now among even moderate Lebanese.

I pray that this will not be so.