Monday, July 31, 2006

Research Paper output of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft

Paul Kedrosky started a discussion which John Battelle followed up on R&D spending by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.

Attached graphes show 3 players' research publications covered in two major engineerring databases- Compendex and Inspec and their patents in USPTO and Espacenet from Engineering Village



and finally Microsoft's

And here is a summary for these 3 R&D players showing their research publications since 2000 in Compendex and Inspec databases from Engineering Village

I would love to have the opportunity to meet with some of the researchers from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft and understand better their information seeking behavior while they are doing research.

I am wondering how many of them are using (or even heard of) Engineering Village, Scopus or Web of Science and how many of them are relying on the free web?


Christina said...

Microsoft has a corporate library with librarians who are members of SLA. You could easily contact them and ask. As for Yahoo, many of their researchers come from academe so they are probably used to having access to these databases. On the whole, though, CS researchers are not big users of research databases -- this is true everywhere. They rely more heavily on CiteSeer and Google than the ones you mention -- in my experience.

Paper on Research said...

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