Monday, August 21, 2006

Using Engineering Literature

A new book edited by Bonnie Osif.

Contributors (many friends of Ei) include Aleteia Greenwood , Andrew Otieno, Barbara Opar, Bonnie A. Osif, Carol Reese , Dana Roth, Godlind Johnson, Helen Smith, Hema Ramachandran , Jean Piety , Jerry Kowalyk, Jill H. Powell, John Piety, Kathy Fescemyer , Larry Thompson, Linda Martinez, Linda Vida , Lois Widmer, Mary D. Steiner , Mary Francis Lembo, Mary Osorio, Mel DeSart , Michael Chrimes, Nestor L. Osorio , Randy Reichardt , Renee McHenry, Rita Evans, Thomas W. Conkling.

I look forward to reading it when it's available. You can pre-order it here

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