Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Blogs, Wikis and Corporate America

WSJ article shows how IBM, Intel, Quark, SAP and Honeywell are experimenting with blogs and wikis, and social bookmarking applications. A recent post from Rich Hoeg who was mentioned in the article highlights Honeywell's success in adoption of these new initiatives.

If you know any engineering company with similar initiatives (blogs, wikis, social bookmarking) drop me a note. I would like to find out about their experiences. It will be very interesting to see how corporate engineering world especially people in R&D will use IBM and Microsoft's solutions (dogear and Knowledge Network).

At Elsevier we are still experimenting with wikis and internal blogs but nothing like in the scale of the companies which are mentioned in the article.

Update: WSJ article titled "Offices Co-Opt Consumer Web Tools
Like 'Wikis' and Social Networking" was published Sept 12th and written by Vauhini Vara

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Christina said...

This is nit-picky, but could you provide more citation information for the WSJ article so those of us with ProQuest access and not access can more easily find it? Thanks :)