Friday, September 15, 2006

Tom Peters suggestion for Innovation

"Experiment fearlessly"

"Experiment fearlessly," he advised. Strategic plans, which extend present operations forward in sustained growth, "work brilliantly under conditions where you don't need them." Use a strategic plan "called doing things," he recommended.

Perhaps your company will be successful in the same manner as he was, Peters said. Success of In Search of Excellence was an accident of timing. Peters was involved in a car accident and forced to stay at home for two months. At the time, "We were being hammered by the Japanese in steel and autos." At a time when the public was worried about what was wrong with American business, Peters and co-author Robert Waterman promised the answer by using the word excellence in relation to business in a title for the first time.

"Innovation is bloody random," appearing in unexpected places in the best managed organizations. It may be the most successful corporations of the future will be shooting stars, making a big impact for a brief period and then disappearing.

"My number one company is Netscape. It was born, changed the world and died in 72 months. I love this company," he said." via InformationWeek

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