Friday, September 08, 2006

USA Today: Libraries are not closed for the college students

I noticed the following in a USA Today article by Kim Komando where she provides tips for highschoolers and college students:

"Research it. Researching major papers requires trips to the library. But the library closes; the Web never does. [bolding is mine]

Google Scholar ( and Windows Live Academic ( both specialize in academic and scholarly journals. Both sites are in testing phases, but work well enough to be useful. Windows Live Academic has mostly indexed computer science and engineering journals. Google Scholar draws from a greater variety of journals.

Using the sites is similar to a regular Web search. If you type in a few keywords on your subject, you'll get the title, author and other information on articles, as well as links to the articles.

Not every article listed is available online, but you'll have enough bibliographic information to find them at the library." via USA Today

Sorry USA Today, but nowdays the libraries never close and researching major papers do not require trips to do library. Students can do this from their dorms or any wi-fi accessibe places login to their library site. College libraries physically close their doors after some time but all their online content is accessible to their students 24x7.

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