Monday, October 30, 2006

Hoovers experiment with business social networking

Using Visible Path technology Hoovers launches a new beta called Hoovers Connect. via Entreprise 2.0

I don't have a clue how successfull this new product will be, but in my mind this is a success for Hoovers: at least they are experiementing with this idea. I bet they will learn a lot from this and make the necessary changes to satisfy their users.

And still the major scientific information providers (Elsevier & Thomson) could not launch a Science Connect (even as an experiment). I bet there are few social networking providers which would like to partner with us (after all we got all the related data for researchers) and create something that will connect scientists and researchers and enable them to share their knowledge and expertise globally. This should not take months to build, start simple and expand later.


Dennis D. McDonald said...

Rafael - your idea is a neat one - why not social networking for scientists?

Partly this would be recognition - and formalization - of the social networking that already goes on in the sciences in areas such as publishing and communications.

I've been blogging about this topic recently - let me know if you would like to chat. An example is "More Comparisons of Journal Peer Review and Blogging" (

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