Monday, October 30, 2006

If Scopus is Rolls-Royce what is Engineering Village?

Wowter calls Scopus "the Rolls Royce of Elsevier's (bibliographic) search engines". Scopus is a great product which is keeping Thomson WOS product and technology teams busy to catch up with Scopus enhancements.

Now that a librarian calls Scopus a Rolls-Royce, I wonder what Engineering Village should be called? Any ideas?

btw Scirus agreement with CrossRef would definetly add another positive differentiation to Scopus compared to WOS for while searching Scopus you can also get results from Scirus.


Wow!ter said...

Sidi, my point is however, that Scirus and Scopus are not the same. A deal between CrossRef and Scirus is not the same as Scopus and Scirus. Although results from Scirus are visible through Scopus.
And rather unfortunately for you, I am working at a life science institution and have not sufficient experience with EV.

Christina said...

Ok, I have a comparison: on of those fancy tractor-trailer trucks -- bear with me-- they are fancy, painted elegantly, incredibly comfortable, and very powerful. Capable of delivering tons of good stuff.

Ok, not the elegant rolls-royce, but which would be more useful to an engineer?