Monday, November 27, 2006

ConnectBeam on ScobleShow

Puneet Gupta, CEO of ConnectBeam, who started JustStudents and CourseCafe more than a year ago, changed his company's direction during the year and had launched ConnectBeam few months ago for entreprise ."Connectbeam is enterprise-class social software for bookmarking, tagging and social networking. It can be delivered as an appliance or a software service."

You can get his views on "Enterprise 2.0" or " Office 2.0" and his company at the ScobleShow.

I had a very interesting dinner with Puneet in January where we were talking about new web applications. His bet on "social bookmarking" and ConnectBeam can be very valuable within corporations for collaboration and knowledge management. He is also a good example how one can change the product and create a brand new product in less than a year.

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P said...

Rafael - I look forward to an opportunity to meet with you again, hopefully soon. I really enjoyed our interactions and getting to know you and hope to continue to build our relationship.