Friday, November 03, 2006

Father, Son, Cheese and Kraft's Open Innovation

My father use to own a grocery/charcuterie store before he got involved in textiles. His store was in Kuzguncuk which is one of the most beautiful places on Boshporus. Being a grocer, he knew a lot about cheese and he thaught it to us too. His favorite cheese was "Kasar Peyniri" which I love eating too. For him picking a good cheese was like an art. My son who will be 5 in few weeks, is a fan of Kraft cheeses which I would put in the category of junk cheese or low quality cheese. I don't understand what he really likes with Kraft cheeses but as the french saying goes "les gouts and les couleurs ne se discute pas".

I am kind of encouraged when I read Kraft's Open Innovation project for future of Kraft cheeses.

Mary Kay Haben is leading Kraft Open Innovation project. Here is a excerpt from her interview in Fortune Innovation Forum why they embarked on an Open Innovation project. via Fortune Innovation Forum

" Recently Kraft embarked on an ambitious Open Innovation Strategy to augment and transform our innovation efforts. The purpose of Open Innovation is to better enable the organization to receive ideas from the outside and connect with potential external alliance partners. The expected outcome is improved speed to market, improved R&D leverage and hopefully more breakthrough innovation. Kraft is soliciting outside ideas against articulated needs (i.e. we search for stuff we know we want or need).
Mrs. Haben here is an idea: why don't you start producing a cheese like Kashkaval.
On the other hand, I really like the way that your company is being open to new ideas from outside. It would be great if we can introduce something similar in Elsevier....

If you have an idea for Kraft go to Innovate With Kraft website and send your ideas.

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