Thursday, November 02, 2006

Results of Elsevier's study on the effect of R&D Information Tools on Research Success

In May 2006 Elsevier commissioned Martin Akel & Associates to conduct an independent study among researchers in the corporate market to determine
a) how the R&D environment is changing
b) whether there is a correlation between access to paid information and research success
c) how Elsevier's research tools were perceived compared to other providers
d) and find researchers' opinions of the contribution of information professionals to the R&D process.

You can get the highlights of the study here (pdf). The full report is also available in pdf format.

We would like to get your input on this study. Please use the comment link of this post for any questions, feedback, comments that you have on the study.

Also please submit any suggestions that you have for future studies. This study was a follow up on "The Role of Information in Innovation" study that we did in 2005.

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