Sunday, November 12, 2006

Social Networking for IT professionals, Engineers & Scientists

Microsoft launched Aggregat8 a "social networking and collaboration space for the IT community" and Global Spec officially announced CR4 Conference Room 4 "a forum for engineers, scientists and technical researchers to discuss engineering news, seek technical help and get answers to burning questions"

I still believe that as Elsevier we are best positioned to create a social networking environment for Scientists. We did it in 1995 for Ei Village but we were ahead on its time to fully implement the concept. Now it's the time (with broadband and ease of technical tools), we have to move on and just do it! At least experiment with it.

Here is an idea why don't we partner with Microsoft for this. They are also spending a lot of R&D money to enhance scientists workflow with new software solutions...


Orion Pozo said...

Thanks for publishing the image of the old Engineering Village. I was trying to tell someone in Second Life about how Ei had been an early leader in trying to spacialize information with the village concept. Now of course, virtual worlds give us 3 dimensionality and a movable frame of reference. So that relationships between information objects can be expressed not only graphically but through geographic coordinates.

Anonymous said...

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