Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thank you Andy

Andy from Crazy Pistons saved us big time this past Saturday night when our 92 Golf stopped at Jersey City entrance towards Holland Tunnel. He gave us a jump to move the car to his building, then he gave us a ride to the Path station. Sunday morning when I went back to Jersey City he was outside and we chatted for few minutes about his bike club and their activities for non-profit organizations. Andy thanks again.

The car started fine in the morning but stopped again after I came out of Holland Tunnel. This time another guy helped me to push the car in front of Tribeca Cinemas. Finally AAA took the car to the shop. I am not looking forward to hear what the mechanic is going to quote me. It can be the end of an era for my two kids and wife who travelled in this car with no music for the radio was broken and no AC in the summer
But still we loved our green car.

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