Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Google (finally) launches Patent search

I love challenges! And if this is coming from Google, that's more exciting for me. After Google Scholar now we have Google Patents. As fee-based publishers (Elsevier, LexisNexis) this is another great opportunity for us to show to the market that providing (or dumping) information is not enough, we provide knowledge and insights when you use our patent services.

Here is patent search results for Google in Google Patent search. As I said before for Google Scholar, we just get the records at the search results and no intelligence or insights that can be associated with these records.

and here is the same search with Ei Patents where at the search results page you get the knowledge and insight on who is the most prolific inventor using the facets.

Google has few bugs right now with the implementation but these are small stuff that they can easily fix it.

Their implementation looks like it's better than USPTO's site. I still can't figure out why Google does not implement any clustering technology with their search results for patents. via Google

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