Monday, December 25, 2006

Wikipedia Explorer and Visualizing the search results

DotNet Solutions created a very clean visualization of Wikipedia search results using Windows Presentation Foundation. via Dan Fay

"Compared to the standard text only view of articles, Wikipedia Explorer deals with and displays the relationships between the articles.

With the display of the data, the application allows 3 forms of view. An initial Document layout displays the article's content as it would be displayed in Wikipedia itself. The real value of the application however, is in the extra 3DExplorer and Network view modes.

Within the 3DExplorer mode, the main article is displayed in the centre of the screen with all linked articles shown around in a helix structure for quick navigation"

It would be an interesting experiment to see an application like this with scientific full text journals and books in Science Direct or even with one of our abstract and index databases.

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Anonymous said...


The application lends itself to any type of text and we're very interested in leveraging the technology to other fields.

Lots of interesting technology to play with. :)

Ray Booysen