Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Excellent Customer Service by Jonathan at Residence Inn

Last friday night I had to stay over in St Louis with some colleagues because of bad weather. We had to check in to Residence Inn Marriott at St. Louis Airport Earth City. We went in late and we were not happy campers when we checked in. But Jonathan Parham who was working at the reception desk made our stay very pleasant with his sincere and pleasant hospitality. The guy did everything to make our stay pleasant. I would not surprised if he becomes a senior executives in the hospitality industry. If I were his manager I would put him in a fast track for a management position in customer service. To be frank this guy can teach Ritz Carlton employees how to provide excellent customer service and being natural..... John Kudla who is the general manager at Residence Inn is lucky to have an employee like Jonathan. Thanks again Jonathan!

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