Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Knowledge Management Challanges within Corporations

It's not surprise that one of the main problems faced in the corporations is to manage and locate the knowledge within the company. Henry Story from Sun highlights 3 main problems:

"Large companies such as Sun Microsystems have a number of knowledge management needs. Plain text search engines can help find documents by searching through keywords in document content. The problem is that
  1. This can return a huge number of documents
  2. The keywords the user is thinking of may not be the right ones
  3. The things searched for may not be text documents – they could be pictures, people or things"

One of the solutions that he is proposing is tagging and wiki implementation within the corporate wall. No wonder why IBM also is diving into this arena.

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Christina said...

I think that's why corporate taxonomists have such a huge role. As you know adding structure and then surfacing that structure in the presentation of search results really helps users find information.