Friday, February 02, 2007

RSC enriching the user experience of online research articles

The aim of the new initiative called Project Prospect is "to make the science within RSC journal articles machine-readable through semantic enrichment - the integration of metadata into text. " This is right direction for any publisher to make their online research journals more interactive and enrich them with text mining and use of ontologies. RSC has partnered with The Unilever Centre for Molecular Informatics to start up this project.


paraff said...

Hi Rafael

Thanks for picking up on this, we think this is the right way to go too. I did wonder why you added a Nature label to the post though?

Best wishes

Richard Kidd, RSC

Rafael said...

paraff, the reason that I use Nature tag, in my mind this is initiative is similar to nature's innovative project. it's the way that i organize my thoughts...

Rich Kidd said...

Ah, okay, no problem. We should have more interesting developments coming up for you.

Best wishes

Project Prospect