Thursday, March 29, 2007

Google and information trustworthiness

I was reading Adam Bosworth post on "How you know you are getting the best care" and after reading the following section:

"How do I know if the information is trustworthy and reliable?
There is a lot of material out there about drugs, diseases, procedures and treatments. How do you know what is trustworthy and what isn’t? Search is great at finding us places with relevant information, but it is hard to know which links are reliable and which are less so."
I could not stop thinking about a children book called "MRS ARMITAGE on Wheels", where her bike was having problems and everytime she had a problem she was asking to her dog Breakspear "What this bikes needs". What Google needs is trusted content sources of the scientific publishers, this can be one way to improve the trustworthiness and reliability of the information. On top of that they have to develop something better than what Microsoft has with MedStory

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