Thursday, March 22, 2007

How to turn a Purple Cow to a Mad Cow

Boris sent me Seth Godin's post where he rightfully complains about the emails that he has been getting from my colleagues at Reed Business "to swap links". From what I am reading in the post this was a mistake from our part and we should have told the truth of what happened, apologized, and move on.

We all need to educate ourself how this medium works and how one can establish trusted relationships in the market.
Indeed I would suggest that we should invite Seth to one our meetings. I bet there is a lot of stuff that we can learn from him.

When I read the post in the afternoon Seth had included the email links of three Reed employees that sent him the emails. Now he removed these links which is also the correct way to handle this.

Btw Boris who is a serial internet entrepreneur is organizing the next web conference in Amsterdam in June 1st. He has put a very nice mix of speakers for his one day conference.

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