Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Publishing CEOs blogmenting on the future of reference books

While corporations are "brainstorming" to create guidelines on how to blog , when to blog or who should blog or is there any value in this blogging stuff, CEOs of three publishing companies Richard Charkin (MacMillan/Nature) , Karen Christensen (Berkshire Group), John Dove
(xRefer) are discussing the future of reference books in Tim Coates
post. The commenting that is going on here is a great example of how one can use blogs. Heads off to these folks to find the time and the will to blogment ( to comment in a blog) this topic.

Correction: Richard, Karen and John, a colleague of mine brought to my attention this unintentional language mistake: I don't have any intention to harm you or decapitate you. I meant hats off to you all. Thanks Joe.

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