Thursday, May 10, 2007

More on the benefits of Semantic Web from Tim Berners Lee

Globe has an interview with Tim Berners Lee

"Globe: What do you mean when you use the term "semantic Web?"

TBL: "It's a way of taking the data that is in lots and lots of different systems and connecting it together -- for example, in a company or a database -- and not just connecting it together, but realizing that it's part of a community, that there are partners and suppliers and customers who all want to see and use this data in different ways. There's a lot of excitement in the life sciences about doing this, where there are scientists looking for drugs and so on, and they have huge amounts of different sources of data. They're looking for creative solutions to medical problems, but not everyone who is working on the problem has access to the right data.""


PTC said...

Semantic web is definately a great vision which has the power to change the way the internet is perceived today. But there is no definite timeline when it is going to be realized.

A comprehensive take on Semantic web at

Anonymous said...

Here's a good example of semantic enrichment of life sciences content from a major socienty publisher.