Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Creating hype a la Powerset: Charging to see a demo

Now that's a first for me. Powerset is organizing an event to show their beta and charging $10 to see the demo. Who knows may be their marketing folks will put the demo online to be purchased through ipod....

After Post: Clarification from Mark Johnson who is a product manager at Powerset explains the confusion. Apparently the event organizer is charging an entry fee for the function.

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Mark Johnson said...

Hey, this is Mark Johnson, the product manager at Powerset. Sorry for any confusion in the e-mail or blog post, but we are demoing at an event called SF Beta, which charges people to attend. All of that money goes to the event organizers to pay for the event -- we're just a guest. Heck, I'll be paying for my own ticket, too =)