Sunday, July 01, 2007

Dr. Eugene Garfield is like the Energizer,

he keeps going..... His new project is scheduled to launch in July 2007. Histcite which is also protected under US Patent # 6,728,725 is a tool that would help researchers in visualizing the results of literature searches in the Web of Science. I was wondering if this will be included as a feature in WoS. Hats off to you Dr. Garfield on this initiative. Now the question is that if this software can be used with Scopus data?

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√°lvaro cabezas said...

Hi Rafael,

Dr Garfield was in Spain last week, in Madrid at ISSI 07 and in Granada. In Granada`s conference he said his idea is that Histcite could be used with any set of documents from any kind of databases or search engines.

He specifically said he would like Scopus data to be used in Histcite, but in a first moment only WoS data could be utilised.

By the way, Garfield is now fatter than in the picture...You can watch a video (very low quality) at our research team blog.