Monday, July 02, 2007

Google Killer or not? Is better search (or finding) around the corner?

I do want to kill Google but improve the results that we get there. Do we really want to search? No, we want to find answers to our questions and get out or do some discovery "berry picking" while finding the answers. There has been a lot coverage lately about Powerset
and their PowerLab and how they may change the information retrieval.

Pinhead's Progress: Powerset and Powerlabs, roundup
Kevin Burton's NEW FeedBlog: Powerset - Out of Stealth
Matt Labbe's whirn: Powerset Opens Up
Ashkan Karbasfrooshan on HipMojo: Right Now, PoweRset Stands For PR
via Nitin Karandikar

From the coverage one can see that Powerset was able to attract great talents, and from a recent post in their blog, it seems that they are also working with Marti Hearst's group at UC Berkeley which created Flamenco Search Interface and BioText among other projects.

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