Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hakia: The new Turkish delight in search?

There were few postings here, here last week about Hakia. I am all for a new search engine (especially started and funded by Turks ) that will provide us better answers to our questions.

Riza Berkan who is the CEO of Hakia invites public to send good questions. I don't if the following is a good one by his criteria but here we go:

What is technology intelligence?

The results that I am getting now from Hakia are not giving me the answer. The first result is related to the Privacy issues after 9/11. The same question in Google brings more relevant results including Alan Porter's article on QTIP

That's a challenging and intriguing road ahead in getting the meaning of the questions and providing the right answers...

Btw my search "Who is Elsevier's competitor" resulted in the following result:
You are very curious today Although Reed Elsevier is a competitor, it can not be included at a threat to Thomson. See this page. which created a nice smile in my face.

I hope in the future, Hakia using their semantic web technologies, would be able to provide a full list of our competitors and not just the search results similar to Google where I can't get any insights..

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