Thursday, August 02, 2007

Forget iTunes check iCompendex: Over 10,000, 000 records

Ok you all heard that "iTunes store tops three billion songs" How many of you heard that Compendex (Engineering Index) tops ten million records. Now that's exciting! Indeed we are close to 10,030,000. The 10th million record was

Hydrothermal synthesis of hydroxyapatite powders using alkyl ammonium bromides as surfactants

Engineering Village

This engineering database goes back to 1884, and it keeps going and going even though Google and Google Scholar has become the first place where students, faculty and engineering professionals are turning first for information. How we keep going? With our content we don't just provide information, that's passe in our business (abstract and indexing), but we provide insights and intelligence on scientific content that one can't get from any other source. And let's not forget that some of these engineers who work on itunes probably consulted our content at one point in their careers to learn something or to find a solution to their problems.

btw nothing wrong with iTunes, but so far I like listening and discovering (similar to Compendex) artists like Las Ketchup

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Randy Reichardt said...

iCompendex - I think you would need to shorten it to iComp, Rafael! :-) Congrats on this achievement, and know that we are about to introduce hundreds more engineering students at the U of Alberta to this great resource beginning next week. - Randy